XXXVIII Round Table on current issues of International Humanitarian Law: “The Distinction between International and Non-International Armed Conflict: Challenges for IHL?”, Sanremo, 3-5 September 2015

Armed Groups and International Law


This year’s IHL round table in Sanremo will deal with the distinction between IACs and NIACs. The International Institute of Humanitarian Law, together with the ICRC, has put together an interesting programme. Besides the general distinction between the two types of armed conflict and classification questions, specific panels will address the: i) temporal and geographical scope of application of IHL; ii) the relationship between IHRL and IHL in IAC and NIAC; iii) the use of force in IAC and NIAC; iv) detention; v) convergence of the law governing IAC and NIAC; vi) humanitarian assistance; and vii) compliance with IHL.

Sanremo is an excellent place to immerge yourself for a few days in IHL, whilst at the same time being exposed to a quaint town on the Ligurian (Italy) coast, with great food and nice side-events. Going to the round table is a treat, every time.

This is the…

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