TTIP news, and whether the UK should encourage big business to sue it

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GET_3A2_shutting_down_nuclear_plants_lQuite a lot has happened in the 6 months since my post here on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). TTIP is a proposed trade agreement between the US and the EU, with negotiations on the substantive issues between the EU and the US underway in Brussels at the moment.

The proposed treaty may have significant effects on EU regulation, but let’s concentrate on whether TTIP should contain specific provisions enabling investors to sue governments.

The ground for action would be governmental “expropriation” of investments – and that may mean anything from telling a cigarette manufacturer that he must have to change what his packets look like, (with consequential loss of profits), to imposing new environmental standards on a power generating plant.

This mechanism is known as Investor-State Dispute Settlement or ISDS. Our government seems astonishingly sanguine about this, on the basis that it has not yet been sued successfully under existing bilateral treaties with…

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19 yr old Haitian in Dominican Republic hung in public square

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19 year old identified as Lulile who shined shoes at the hospital found hung on Wednesday.
19 year old identified as Lulile who shined shoes at the hospital found hung on Wednesday.

SANTIAGO, Dominican Republic – A Haitian man of 19 years was beaten and hung in the public square of Ercilia Pepin, near the Marìa José Cabral and Baez hospital in Santiago where he shined shoes. It is being described as a hate crime where no motive except that the man was Haitian. Demonstrations that included the burning of the Haitian flag did ensue.

Dominican law enforcement retrieved the body which had welts and hands and feet bound. The victim was identified as “Tulile” and some who were familiar with him said that he shined shoes at the hospital. The Martelly regime has not said or done anything following national and international news reports about the crime.

Dominican organizations “El Ciruelito” burned the Haitian flag in demonstrations through the day. They say they are in…

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